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The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia is proud to present The Christmas Tree Forum that was developed and created for Christmas tree growers across North America.

CTCNS is also the founder of the “I Love Real Trees” movement and supporter of the  Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s North American movement- “It’s Christmas Keep It Real”. 

CTCNS represents three regionally based Christmas tree grower associations in Nova Scotia. They are The Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers’ Association (LCCTPA) serving the South Shore of Nova Scotia, The Cobequid Christmas Tree Producers’ Association (CCTPA) serving central Nova Scotia and The Northeastern Christmas Tree Association (NECTA) serving Northeastern Nova Scotia.

The Council belongs to the Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association, the National Christmas Tree Association (of the United States) and maintains close ties with our neighbouring provincial and state Christmas tree organization.

Christmas Trees in Nova Scotia

Christmas in Nova Scotia is largely about Balsam Fir Trees. That’s how we got our original name (The Balsam Fir Forum). When growers across the world began using our platform we realized that the important information here was relevant to all kinds of Christmas tree growers, not just those who cultivate Balsam Fir.

That being said, we’d love to share with you a bit about the iconic Balsam Fir Tree.
It is desired and celebrated worldwide for its unique and memorable fragrance – a scent that is for many the very “aroma of Christmas.”

Nova Scotia has roughly 1200 families producing an estimated 1 million balsam fir Christmas trees on 39,000 acres of land. Although Christmas comes but once a year, a lot of work goes into cultivating the perfect tree!

Christmas Trees are a significant export from Nova Scotia. Balsam Firs are shipped across Canada and to the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and Japan.

Nova Scotia Christmas tree cultivation is one of the best examples of sustainable development in the world. Tree lots go as far back as the 1950’s, and are still producing beautiful trees. Soils are enriched with companion plants while Balsam Fir Christmas tree lots provide food, shelter and homes for wildlife from deer to birds.

Nova Scotian Christmas tree producers are committed to growing quality balsam fir trees for you and your family. Real trees provide not only beauty and fragrance for your home, but habitat for wildlife, environmental benefits and thousands of jobs for rural Nova Scotians. Be a part of the tradition – choose a real tree